Young Mother and Baby

Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is an amazing way to promote physical and emotional development and sensory awareness in your baby through yoga inspired poses, gentle stretching, singing, relaxation and developmental play. Baby Yoga is suitable for babies from twelve weeks old up to pre walking. 
There are so many benefits of doing baby yoga with your baby including developing motor skills, balance, aiding digestion, sleep and relaxation as well as nurturing baby's emotional wellbeing.  

My classes are designed as the perfect follow-on from baby massage. Starting with some gentle post-partum stretches and exercises for mum, we move on to advanced massage and then introduce you to yoga and build on those amazing developmental foundations you laid in baby massage. 
What’s included: 

Free Samples 
Gifts for mumma and bubba 
Developmental Props 
Manual of baby yoga 
Additional information on pdf; direct to your email. 
Access to the pre-recorded classes which you can come back to at any point and from any location.  

Routine, schedule, and flow - We all have our own way of getting into a rhythm. Because the majority of us like to know what we are doing and when; and our babies are no different. 
Babies and children love routine, they feel secure and safe knowing what’s coming next and by following a routine that works for your baby you are meeting their needs and parenting in the most responsive way! 
By encouraging a pattern to your baby’s day you will help them to thrive by ensuring they spend more time in the “rest and digest” state which encourages good feeding and sleeping and helps to avoid your baby getting over tired or stressed. 
My routines are based on a wealth of knowledge gained from over 5 years of working with babies alongside my formal qualifications. They are realistic and practical and even offer shorter and longer nap options for the first 6 months too! 

Each routine includes some handy tips for that particularly stage too and my contact details if you have any questions relating to the routines.