40 days a Queen 

Newborn Nurture
Prenatal or 0-7 weeks 

40 Days a Queen is a unique course to help empower you and to give you the strength and confidence in your physical and mental abilities. This course is designed from the final few weeks of pregnancy (3rd trimester) and covers what to expect, what you and your bubba really need, and slowly and gently introduces your newborn baby from the womb to the world.  40 Days a Queen will give you the tools and support to soothe, settle, sleep and support your baby in those very early weeks of life. 

The mental and physical health and wellbeing of pregnant women are key. This focuses on nutrition and the diet of pregnant women and also their exposure to stress during pregnancy. 40 Days a Queen is designed to help mothers-to-be relax.. The classes aim to nurture emotional and mental health and to encourage prenatal bonding.
Leaving you feeling empowered, confident, and indeed trusting your amazing inbuilt instincts learning: 

Early massage 
Baby reflexology 
Settling techniques 
Simple Yoga 
4th-trimester support